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RGB Elektronika

Od ponad 18 lat wspieramy polskie i światowe przedsiębiorstwa w utrzymaniu ciągłości produkcji. Pojawiające się przez te wszystkie lata sukcesy oraz porażki kształtowały nas jako zespół ludzi, dla których utrzymanie ruchu stało się pasją.


Founding RGB Service company

  • We repair switched power supplies and CRT monitors.


We start repairing CNC machines

  • We are specialising in SMD pick and place machines.
  • We start repairing power supply systems of ERD machines.


First CNC repairs

  • We are modernising power supply systems in Agie machines.
  • We provide repair services for CNC Micron machines.


We begin our operation as RGB Elektronika

  • We launch maintenance services in Poland.
  • We specialise and train more technicians.
  • We open a shop with industrial automation equipment.


The construction of a new service centre

  • We launch the servomotors repair department.
  • We launch the R&D department.


A new shop and the first web portal dedicated to repairs

  • rgbautomatyka.pl is created – one of the largest shops with used parts for machines and industrial robots in Europe and rgbnaprawy.pl website dedicated to repairs.


We are getting stronger

  • There is a rapid growth of the Company. We double our staff in one year – there are more than 50 of us!
  • We launch a brand responsible for marketing and advertising for the industry – RGB Marketing – rgbmarketing.pl
  • We implement Expres+ – the first servomotors and spindles repair service within 1 working day in Europe.


We develop engineering services

  • We create Probotics – a department responsible for the design of robotised stations and production lines.
  • In response to customer expectations, we launch a 24/7 helpline with repair support on weekends and holidays.


  • The first edition of Automation University – practical workshops for maintenance departments.
  • We have X test stands owing to which we ensure service support for the devices of most of the major brands.

RGB Elektronika Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp. k.

ul. Jana Długosza 2-6

51-162 Wrocław

E-mail: [email protected]
TEL: +48 71 325 15 05
NIP: PL8951985034
KRS: 0000750271

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