Company culture

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RGB’s values

Company’s vision

The vision of our Company is a readiness to take on new projects in the field of industrial automation and demonstrate initiative in the search and implementation thereof.

Automation University

Our idea is to share practical knowledge concerning the service of automation equipment and effective maintenance in a factory. Training is co-developed with the representatives of the world’s largest companies that manufacture industrial automation equipment.

Company’s development

For 18 years, RGB Elektronika has been continuously expanding the scope of operation with new products and services. This is a natural consequence of our Company’s effective strategy based on customers’ trust and high quality of services.

Customer-oriented approach

The customer is a very important part of our organisation and customer satisfaction is our work’s goal. In RGB Elektronika we try to make the customer’s point of view the guiding principle of our operation so that we can accurately respond to market needs.

Employee development

Team building trips

Active rest is the best opportunity to spend time with the people with whom we work on a daily basis. In order for it to run harmoniously, it is extremely important to have good interpersonal relations, which can be reinforced by means of integration, joint involvement in activities outside the company, mutual development of interests and pleasant leisure time.


Our employees have the opportunity to participate in many interesting training courses so that they have current knowledge of worldwide trends in industrial automation and maintenance.

Mentor’s supervision at the beginning of work

The onboarding period can be stressful for a new employee, but at the same time, it offers the fastest growth of knowledge and skills. Supervision by an experienced colleague during that time helps to acquire the right habits and get through the huge amount of information easily at the beginning of the career.

Work-based on taking up new challenges

Work on new technologies or solving unconventional problems on a daily basis represents the highest added value in an employee’s development.

Organisation and dialogue

Discussions among employees

We do not interrupt each other during work by standing behind backs. We arrange meetings, discussions and brainstorming sessions in air-conditioned conference rooms or in the open air in the company’s recreation area.

We care for the environment

Industry is one of the most serious threats to the good condition of our planet. Considering the specific nature of our services, we feel co-responsible for caring for the environment. Our activities are guided by the motto “Do not throw away, repair!”. We also do not forget about prosaic principles such as avoiding disposable objects of everyday use and waste segregation.

The culture of avoiding overtime

The correct estimation of the time needed to complete a task, skilful project management and division of responsibilities help avoid overtime.

Meetings with supervisors

In our company, you can speak directly with anyone, regardless of the position held. We promote dialogue and flow of information without divisions.

Daily meetings

Everyday project teams meet to discuss the progress in the implementation of the tasks and jointly plan the challenges for the next day.

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